Fortuna Union High School District

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District Dedication: Staff Spotlight

Michele Simmons

Michele Simmons Years at the District?
I am starting my 11th year.

What you love about your job?
There so many things I love about my job!! First, I love the kids and watching them come in as Freshman and watching them grow into young adults. I love getting to know different students and listening to their hopes and dreams. And being there for a student if they need an open ear or sometimes a shoulder to cry on. I love what I do... I'm kind of addicted to making queries.. lol... Love working on the master schedule and seeing the end result!! It's nice having a job where you wake up in the morning and you look forward to going!! It's also because I have awesome co-workers!!

Something interesting very few people know about you.
I'm kind of open book and kind of boring but love life!! But one thing that everyone might not know about me is that my first job I took while I was going to college I stayed there for 20 years before I came to work at Fortuna High School. Of course I started college when I was 12!!
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