Fortuna Union High School District

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District Dedication: Staff Spotlight

Elva Daily (AKA Miss Daily)

Elva Daily (AKA Miss Daily) Years at the District?
I have been working at this District for 24 years.

What you love about your job?
I love interacting with the students. Helping them academically and morally. I feel very proud when I see them graduate and especially gratified when I have heard that they have gone off to college.

Something interesting very few people know about you.
I have four brothers, when I was two my father passed away. This meant separation for our family, our mother came to the united States to work to support us. While two of my brothers went to live with my fathers family, my other two brothers and I went to live with my mothers family. Being so small it was several years before I realized I had two other brothers. When it was decided that it was best for all five of us siblings to live together, that is when I met my other two brothers. During those ten years, my mother came to see us three times, but because I was so small I only remember seeing her once. It wasn't until I was 12 that all five of us immigrated to the United States to be with our mother. We were a family again, we were home. I am proud to be a United State citizen.
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