Fortuna Union High School District

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District Dedication: Staff Spotlight

Joan Dvorak

Joan Dvorak Years at the District?
I am starting my 18th year

What you love about your job?
My favorite part of my job is when you can make a difference to the person in front of you, either a student or a coworker. I am thinking of the story about the starfish. One person thinks that there are so many that you can’t make a difference. Another person helps the next starfish encountered and comments that it made a difference to that one. The original source is Loren Eiseley (1907–1977), “The Star Thrower” which has been adapted by many motivational speakers.

Something interesting very few people know about you.
I was hired by FUHS the same year my oldest daughter started at Fortuna High as a freshman. All three of my daughters graduated from Fortuna High. I enjoyed having my kids attend the school where I work. This photo is taken with my youngest daughter on a trip this summer.
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