Fortuna Union High School District

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District Dedication: Staff Spotlight

Robin Haynes

Robin Haynes Years at the district?
This is my twelfth year at Fortuna High School.

Why did you become a teacher?
I first chose to enter the teaching profession
because I love history and wanted a career
that required me to continue to study and
research historical content and current events
every day. Fortunately, it turns out I like
working with teenagers as well; so it all
kind of came together for me.

What do you love about your job?
I especially enjoy watching students develop over the
course of the year and use their historical knowledge to
interpret and analyze current world events. Teenagers
are also a very entertaining group and I can't think of another
job where you literally laugh out loud multiple times a day.

Something interesting very few people know about you.
I grew up in Burnt Ranch in Trinity County; it is still my
favorite place in the world. I also love to travel. My
husband and I have traveled to China, Vietnam,
Russia, Costa Rica, Mexico, most of Western Europe,
and many American cities and regions. We look forward
to many future trips.
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